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The trouble with intellect is one that is inherent to it. It can only go so far.
It runs out of context in realms where intellect does not exist.
It ceases to be relevant.

Intellect can intellectualize what happens right up to death. Then it dies.
It can theorize, beyond that, but it can not know.
It can cause rockets to blast into space, and can collect data relative to material things.
But it can not know the nature of the non-material.

It can grasp the nature of energy, in an abstract way, and the interiors of distant suns, but therein lies its limit: it grasps. Like a dream, clear as day, upon waking. If you reach for it, it recedes. Grasped at, it is gone.

Soul is not limited to life/death. It can exist anywhere, forever. It can know.
What are those little quanta that so intrigue science?
Why do scientists get so caught up in trying to apply their intellects to these quantum particles?
All they can do is theorize, and maybe destroy a few, experimenting with them.

Too small to be vulnerable. Too wise to receive harm. Too incomprehensible for the intellect to grasp.
Consider quanta, and you consider God.


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